Devy Targets: 2019 Draft Class #1-4

Draft day has come and gone.  Draft season however, never ends.  Time to get on board for next year.  Before the season gets started, before lineups need to be set, before trades need to be made, before championships need to be won, it is time to do your homework on next year’s possible rookies.  Oh, […]

3 Reasons to Pump the Brakes on David Johnson

David Johnson, the former number 1 RB in fantasy? David Johnson, the dual threat dynamo? David Johnson, the man who wants 1000/1000? David Johnson, the man you shouldn’t take in the top 3 of redraft leagues? Yeah, that David Yan-Son (Think an over-exaggerated Boston accent) I’m a believer that in those first 3 picks there […]

2018 Redraft Quarterback Rankings

As we inch closer to the start of the 2018 NFL season, we start to solidify our feelings on certain players. Who belongs where in the rankings has been thought about since early March and it is now time to set it in stone. This year, my QB rankings are reflected in tiers. There are […]

Mock Draft Series 5

This is the 5th article in the Mock Draft Series; where Top2Sports teams up with fantasy experts from across the community to participate in, and break down mock drafts. This draft is PPR, Dynasty, and Superflex. A link of the draft is below, followed by an explanation of highlighted picks, in the authors words-not mine. […]

Top2 Throwdown: Jacksonville Wide Receivers

With our Top2 throwdown series we aim to show the argument for all sides of a particularly debated topic in the fantasy football world. For this article, 5 writers for Top2Sports give their take on which wideout will make it to the top of the Jacksonville depth chart and make a splash on fantays rosters. […]

Aaron Jones is Good, Jamaal Williams is Valuable

Jones is a Good Player, but not as Good as You Think The current trend, using the #MockDraftSeries and expert opinions as a resource, says that Aaron Jones (RB33 via Fantasy Football Calculator ADP) should be drafted before Jamaal Williams (RB38). In the most recent mock draft in the Mock Draft Series, Aaron Jones was […]