Devy Stock Up: Prospects To Get Excited About After Week 1

Big names, as well as some smaller ones, were doing big things in Week 1 as college football returned with a full slate. Don’t Get too Excited…Yet There are a couple of categories of these performances based mostly on level of competition.  Some guys put up some studly statlines, but they did so against a […]

T2’s CFB Playoff Ranking Prediction

Justin Shelley, Contributor  In honor of the first College Football Playoff Rankings being released tonight, I have decided to post my Top 10 along with the order I believe the committee will have the teams. I decided to do a Top 10 list because there are still a large amount of teams that have a chance […]

Keeping Up With the Surprisingly Competitive Big 12

  Adam McKay, Contributor Big 12 College Football Another week goes by and the Big 12 continues to be the highest scoring Power 5 conference in the country. The conference perennially shoots off fireworks in every game and yet is still one of the more overlooked conferences in terms of playoff expectations. In a year […]

Breaking Down the Big 12 by Strength of Schedule

Adam McKay Contributor, Big 12 College Football  For those of you who watched Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State, you were treated to a quintessential Big 12 showdown. Mason Rudolph managed to score a 16-yard rushing touchdown with under 2 minutes to go to potentially save the Pokes’ season. It was a heartbreaker for Tech, who […]

The SEC is in a Glass Case of Emotion

Matt Hicks Staff Writer, SEC and Fantasy Football  Much like Ron Burgundy himself, SEC fans are confused, very emotional, and don’t quite know what’s going on right now. This week’s SEC games were pure pandemonium; leaving no clear path to the SEC East and no clear threat to Alabama in the SEC West. It was […]