Dynasty Wide Receiver Rankings

In this article, I breakdown my top 50 WRs for 2018 by tier. In each tier I give an overview of why the players are grouped the way they are and highlight some key players in each. I enjoy hearing feedback, thoughts, and ideas from my followers-feel free to send any my way on twitter: […]

Dynasty Running Back Rankings

Tier 1 The Tier 1 running backs are very interchangeable, but as a whole they’re a clear step above any other backs. These four players have all proven they have the ability to dominate opposing defenses and lead your fantasy team to glory. In dynasty formats, it’s crucial to build a solid foundation; and I […]

2018 Dynasty Quarterback Rankings

Matt Hicks, Staff Writer This season, I will be heading up dynasty rankings for Top2; I will update these again as major events occur, as we get to the preseason, and weekly during the season. For now, you can interpret tiers as benchmarks for differentiating a player’s value; and assume that anyone within a single […]